Armenian Genocide history to be taught in Argentine schools

Armenian Genocide history to be taught in Argentine schools

November 12, 2004

YEREVAN (YERKIR) – Thanks to Hay Dat Committee’s long years of work,
the government of Buenos Aires presented a 44-page book on the
Armenian Genocide. The book, jointly prepared by the Hay Dat Committee
and the Buenos Aires Department of Human Rights, was published in
5,000 copies and was delivered to libraries and teachers of 600 public
schools of the city.

The book contains the summary of the Armenian Genocide and accounts by
famous international and local scholars, as well as newspaper
articles, maps, pictures and pedagogical programs. On the same day,
the book was presented at the Buenos Aires state school.

Speaking at it, Osvaldo Bayer, a renowned writer and author of the
preface to the new Spanish translation of “The 40 Days of Musa Dag,”
denounced the Turkish government and people for admitting to the
Genocide. He also praised the efforts of the Hay Dat Committee and
welcomed the government’s courage to publish the book.

Pedro Muradian, director of the Hay Dat Committee of South America,
pointed to the importance of the book. In her turn, Gabriella Alegre,
underscored that books on crimes like the Armenian Genocide are
essential, and then paid tribute to late lawyer Luisa Hayrapetian, who
had greatly contributed to the project.

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