Ramil Safarov’s trial to start Nov. 23 in Hungary


Nov 8 2004

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 8, ARMENPRESS: An Armenian lawyer will fly soon to
Budapest to represent the interests of a family, whose son, Gurgen
Margarian, was killed last February 19 in Hungary by an Azerbaijani
officer. Margarian, 26, was murdered in his sleep with unusual
cruelty by Ramil Safarov. Margarian’s head was nearly severed from
his blood-stained body which had multiple chest stabs.

Both officers were participating in an English-language course at the
Hungarian University of National Defense as part of NATO’s Partnership
for Peace (PfP) program of which Armenia and Azerbaijan are members.

The lawyer, Nazeli Vardanian, will have to familiarize herself with
the case materials before November 23 when Safarov’s trial is set to
begin. Safarov is accused of committing a premeditated murder with
unusual cruelty and may face a sentence from 15 years in prison up
to life imprisonment.

The trial was postponed after Safarov asked that the indictment must
be translated into Azerbaijani language.

The Armenian International Union of Lawyers has created a team of
lawyers to help Nazeli Vardanian.