“Armenian Jerusalem” at California University


6 Nov 04

Professor Richard Hovhannisian’s report “Armenian Jerusalem and
Armenians in the Holy City” will open the 15th scientific conference
of “Cities and provinces of historic Armenia” at the California
University in Los Angeles on November 6. As usual, the chair of
contemporary Armenian history of the University is the organizer of
the conference, and Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem Archbishop Torgom
Manukian is the chairman.

According to Armenian Mirror Spectator, the two-day conference will
discuss Patriarchate’s history and Surb Hakob church manuscripts’
history, relations between the Armenian borough, Kingdom of Cilicia
and the Patriarchate, relations between Armenian church and other
confessions and present-day problems of the Holy City. Emma Kostandian
and Albert Kharatian are the only participants from Yerevan.

By Hakob Tsulikian