BISNIS Trades & Tenders: Investment Opp’s in Armenia – 11/05/2004

BISNIS Trades & Tenders
10/08/04 – 11/05/04

BISNIS Trades & Tenders program designed to help U.S. companies secure
export transactions and take advantage of tender opportunities in the
region. Trades & Tenders summary reports are distributed via email. To
search previously distributed Trades & Tenders leads online, visit

This issue of BISNIS Trades & Tenders includes opportunities in:

– Agribusiness
– Food Products and Services

** Companies replying to these leads should consider using the BISNIS
FinanceLink program, which distributes information about planned
transactions seeking financing to organizations open to financing
business activities in the region. Please see:


MSM Group – Sausage casings – Yerevan, Armenia

For more information on the Agribusiness Sector in the NIS, please
contact Charles Raether at BISNIS at [email protected]


Tbilisi LLC – Unrefined soybean oil, Yerevan Armenia

For more information on the Food Products and Services Sector in the
NIS, please contact Charles Raether at BISNIS at
[email protected]

These opportunities are provided solely as an informational service and
do not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Commerce.
Verification of these leads is the responsibility of the reader.


The Advocacy Center is a unique, central coordination office marshaling
the resources of nineteen U.S. government agencies in the Trade
Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC). The Advocacy Center encourages
U.S. companies to contact the Center at the outset of their projects.
Early contact enables the Center to offer U.S. government assistance
throughout the life of a project to ensure that U.S. companies benefit
from the same level of coordinated government support as their foreign
competitors receive from their host governments, particularly in the
initial stages of a project.

The Advocacy Center Contact Information:
Phone: 202/482-3896
Fax: 202/482-3508
Email: [email protected]

This report is provided courtesy of the Business Information Service for
the Newly Independent States (BISNIS). BISNIS is the U.S. Government’s
primary resource center for U.S. companies exploring business
opportunities in Russia and other Newly Independent States of the former
Soviet Union. BISNIS website: