Next issue of Orer

Next issue of Orer

5 Nov 04

Joint 3d and 4th issues of pan-European Armenian Orer (days) magazine
was published in Czech Republic these days. Besides providing
information on film festivals held in Yerevan, Moscow and Karlovy
Vary, on the ecology of Armenia and Czech Republic, the magazine
opened a new column headed “Saroyan in Czech Republic”.

Last time William Saroyan visited Prague was in 1980. “His books were
published and are still being published in Czech, and one has an
impressionthat Saroyan is more Czech than Armenian writer”, a prologue
to an interview with Irzhi Yosek, translator of the great writer’s
books, reads. “I always liked Saroyan immensely. I had difficulties in
translating his puns and his poetic language”, Irzhi Yosek
said. Another article about Saroyan tells about writer’s activities in
cinematography. To prove his capability to the director of Metro
Goldwin Mayer Saroyan shot his “Poor People” in 3 days and it was
awarded an Oscar in 1943.

An interview with father Harutyun Pztikian is also very
interesting. Father Pztikian from the Congregation of Mkhitarians
informed that a cultural center of the Congregation will soon open in

Articles on Armenia’s inner political life are also included in
themagazine. The Czech part of the magazine presents Charles
Aznavour’s youth poems in Petra Kohutkova’s translation. Orer gives
the Armenians of Europe, mainly of Czech Republic, a chance to get
acquainted with political and cultural goings-on in their motherland.

By Arevik Badalian

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress