How Was The Tender Conducted?

A1 Plus | 20:53:23 | 04-11-2004 | Economy |


Armenian Justice Minister David Harutyunyan said at the conference
yesterday in Government the following: “Tomorrow “ArmenTel” will be
deprived of the right for rendering GSM services”. Minister’s statement
is a fact now.

“Liberty” Radio Station informs, K-TeleCom, i.e, Karabakh-TeleCom, doing
GSM services together with “ArmenTel” beginning from today, is a company
established by $ 10 million fund, which covers the 70% of Karabakh.

Let’s remind that nothing is known about a de facto tender for entering
the sphere of cellular communication in Armenia. It is not known,
either, who the rival companies were if a tender took place during the
night or what the tender proposal of “K-TeleCom” was.