Satellite Receiver for NKR Department of Emergencies


Azat Artsakh – Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
03 Nov 04

Doctor of technical sciences, academician Mikael Shahramanian, who is
visiting NKR for the test of ionizers in Armenia and Karabakh, visited
the NKR department for emergencies. M. Shahramanian who is the
director of the Research Institute of Emergencies and Civil Defence of
the RF Ministry for States of Emergency, the head of the first Russian
Center for Science and High Technologies, has a great contribution to
the creation of the European system for forecast of disasters. The
global geographic information system `Extremumâ=80=9D created under
his direction is officially recognized as the best in the world. The
information is transmitted in the shortest time to 25 countries of the
world and the Council of Europe for taking immediate measures in cases
of severe earthquakes in any part of the world. Owing to this it is
possible to save more people. The head of the NKR Department for
Emergencies Aslan Grigorian acquainted the guest with the activity of
the department and their technical basis. M. Shahramanian presented
the department with a satellite receiver which has been created with
his participation. The equipment is determined for getting exact
meteorological data. During the talk the noted scientist promised to
assistto the department in the future.