Armenian presidential aide critical of Georgian “rose revolution”

Armenian presidential aide critical of Georgian “rose revolution”

Iravunk, Yerevan
2 Nov 04

Text of Lyuba Arutyunyan’s report by Armenian newspaper Iravunk on 2
November headlined “Isagulyan does not like the ‘rose revolution'”

“The domestic political situation and the situation in the Caucasus as
a whole today is creating a new reality,” the president’s advisor on
national security, Garnik Isagulyan, said at the Azdak club on
Saturday [30 October].

He also said: “It must be said that today changes in the major
processes in the Caucasus are conditioned by the ‘rose revolution’
that took place in Georgia recently, after which they started speaking
about a new reality and new developments in the region and in the
whole world. Everybody got an impression that the developments would
go only in the positive direction and there will be no new
problems. But life has showed that today in the Caucasus the ‘rose
revolution’ created not a different situation but new regional
conflicts. People’s expectations did not come true. From this point of
view it may be said that at present the political situation can change
very quickly.”

It should be noted that the Armenian president’s advisor Garnik
Isagulyan’s viewpoint on the “rose revolution” in Georgia differs from
that of [Armenian President] Robert Kocharyan, which he had an
opportunity to express in Tbilisi recently. This is surprising,
although this is not the first time when someone from the president’s
entourage did not agree with him.