NKR Foreign Minister in USA


Azat Artsakh – Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
29 Oct 04

On October 23 NKR foreign minister Ashot Ghulian delivered a speech at
the conference `Armenia and the South Caucasus and Challenges to
Foreign Policy’ organized by the University of Michigan in the town
Ann Arbor. One of the topics of the conference was the problem of
Nagorni Karabakh and prospects of settlement. At the conference were
present former mediators in talks for the settlement of the Karabakh
conflict and representatives of the conflict sides. In his report the
foreign minister of NKR presented the prehistory of the Karabakh
conflict, the official position of the NKR authorities in the
settlement ofthe conflict, as well as touched upon the problems of
security of Nagorni Karabakh and regional security pointing out the
necessity of interest of all the peoples involved in conflicts for
maintaining lasting peace and security inthe region. After the address
the foreign minister of NKR answered the questions of the participants.

On October 25 the minister arrived in Washington and at the NKR
legation he met with the American co-chairman of the OSCE Minsk Group
Stephen Mann. They discussed questions referring to the prospects of
regulation of the Karabakh conflict in the context of the latest
developments. During the talk the factors were mentioned which hinder
the settlement, in particular,the militarist statements regularly
published by Azerbaijan which arouse hostile moods in the conflict
parties. The foreign minister also emphasized the significance of the
potential of the societies involved in the conflict, which
unfortunately is not used because of the non-constructive position of
Azerbaijan. In his turn the American co-chairman pointed out the role
of the political will of the authorities of confronting sides, as well
as the favourable public opinion in maintaining peace. In the evening
of the same day the foreign minister of NKR left for Chicago.