Isolation Hospital Reopened


Azat Artsakh – Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
29 Oct 04

This medical institution built in 1996 was aimed to serve as a
department of the children’s isolation hospital. However, taking into
account thenecessity of more compact activity in struggle against
infectious diseases, the government decided on reforming the building
into republic isolation hospital.

Nevertheless, the hospital could not provide complete medical service
because of the conditions of the building and lack of equipment. Owing
to the direct participation of the president of NKR Arkady Ghukassian,
certain benefactors agreed to provide means for repairing the building
and buying equipment. The program was implemented owing to the
assistance of American benefactors Caroline and George Manougian and
Albert Ara Manougian and his friends. At the opening ceremony NKR
president Arkady Ghukassian donated furniture and medical equipment to
the hospital. At the end of the ceremony the president spoke about the
problems of the health sector. – We face a lot of problems in the
health sector and whatever we do is not enough. You know that
presently the town polyclinic is being built, serious works have been
done in the direction of building the new republic hospital, recently
the women’s clinic was opened and now the isolation hospital. I think
that in this sphere we were so much behind that we need very fast
rates to fill the gaps caused by the war. We must do everything so
that the people of Karabakh do not have to leave for Armenia or Russia
for medical treatment. Therefore we must provide all the necessary
conditions to provide professional medical care here. Unfortunately,
there are cases when a person has to make additional payments for
treatment. This is also a problem, and in a short period of time we
must do our best to relieve the burden of the people who go to
hospital. Here there are serious problems with the responsibilityof
the health ministry and medical establishments and personnel. The
president also emphasized an important fact: for the repairs of this
hospital part ofthe expenses was covered by local businessman Samvel
Hakobian. Evaluating this step as a positive tendency, the president
of NKR is hopeful that this benevolent action of the local businessman
will be an example for the others. Besides, for the first time the
local benefactor joins to the material aid from the Diaspora which
gives more confidence to Armenians of the Diaspora in their benevolent