Some Forces in Bratislava Try to Compromise Armen. Community Leader


BRATISLAVA, October 22 (Noyan Tapan). One of the private TV companies
of Bratislava broadcasted disinformation compromising the activities
of the Armenian representation in Slovakia, as well as the personality
of leader of the Armenian Community of Slovakia Ashot Grigorian. It is
interesting that these materials were submitted several days prior to
the beginning of the discussion on the issues of the recognition of
the Armenian Genocide and Turkey’s possible membership in the European
Union at the National Assembly of Slovakia. Mr. Grigorian has always
made every effort directed at decisions making in favor of the
Armenians in the Slovakian parliament and other state instances. It is
natural to suppose that this attempt of compromising was initiated or,
at least, financed by the anti-Armenians circles. To recap, Ashot
Grigorian also directs his efforts at the development of the
Armenian-Slovakian economic relations, as well as at the stimulation
of foreign investments in Armenia. In particular, he is an active
participant of the Pan-Armenian business-forum, which was held in
Yerevan last week. A delegation of Slovakian businessmen also arrived
in Armenia along with him. The Slovakian businessmen got acquainted
with the great number of Armenian investment programs and found
partners. A. Grigorian also made quite an interesting report devoted
to the possibilities of the attraction of the funds of the European
Union to foreign investments in Armenia.