Armenia’s Iraq peacekeeping may damage ties with Iran – paper

Armenia’s Iraq peacekeeping may damage ties with Iran – paper

Iravunk, Yerevan
9 Oct 04

Text of I. H. report by Armenian newspaper Iravunk on 9 October
headlined “Between two blockades”

Armenia, which is still under the Russian-Georgian blockade, may find
itself under another blockade. A reliable source at the Foreign
Ministry has said that some diplomatic circles of Iran have given a
hint that if Armenia really decides to get involved in the US-Iraq
conflict, Iran might take serious steps.

Naturally, the issue is about the Armenian leadership’s plan to send a
group of 50 Armenian servicemen to Iraq. Although, according to the
Armenian defence minister, they are going to fulfil only a
“humanitarian” mission in Iraq, judging by this information, these
explanations are not convincing to one of our significant and
strategic neighbours.

Also, if we add to this plan the intention of returning [to
Azerbaijan] three of the liberated districts which are close to the
Iranian border and where US military bases will presumably be deployed
in the future, Iran’s concern seems absolutely logical and clear.

Anyway, we hope that the countries which are our strategic partners
will at least reach agreement with each other so that punitive actions
against Armenia in the form of a blockade are taken separately, not