$12m for increased security of nuclear power plant

Aug 26 2004


YEREVAN, AUGUST 26, ARMENPRESS: Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)
stopped for repair and recharge on July 31. According to Armenian
energy minister Armen Movsisian, this year the overhaul of the plant
has been exceptional: both two turbines and a reactor are repaired at
the same time. Some 12 mln USD will be invested to rise security
measures at the plant this year. According to him, about 40 mln has
been invested since the re-operation of the plant.
Once again the minister mentioned that unless an alternative
energy source with the same capacity is available in Armenia, it is
senseless to speak about shutting down the NPP. In case of proper
funds are available selection may be made among two alternatives – a
new nuclear power plant or a thermal power plant. In any case, the
100 mln USD suggested by European Union is not enough to build an
alternative energy source. Some 1 bln USD is necessary for that
According to the minister, security level of the power plant is
rather high at present, meets all international requirements and
poses no danger of itself. According to NPP chief architect Movses
Vardanian, works on security are made compatible with international
standards. Due to rise in security guarantees, the plant can safely
operate until 2016.
Speaking about recharge of NPP, Armen Movsisian mentioned that
nuclear fuel has been already transported to Armenia and is now in
the plant. All the nuclear fuel is now in the cooling basin. Czech
Shkoda is now doing the repair of the reactor. Works will be over in
5-6 days after which the fuel will be moved to the reactor. Yesterday
a discussion at NPP reported that works go according to timetable and
the plant will be put into operation on October 4.