Putin, Kocharyan to discuss situation in North Caucasus

Putinru.com, Russia
Aug 20 2004


President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Armenia Robert
Kocharyan will hold talks in Sochi today. They plan to spotlight the
co-ordination of their countries’ efforts to improve the situation in
the North Caucasus.
Russia and Armenia are consistently advocating the peaceful
settlement of the regional problems and are seriously concerned over
the threats of destabilisation in the Transcaucasus, above all owing
to a dramatic deterioration of the situation in South Ossetia (a
self-proclaimed republic in the territory of Georgia).

Putin and Kocharyan will exchange opinions on ways to use the
capabilities of multilateral co-operation and available regional
mechanisms, as well as the peacekeeping potential of the CIS, towards
this end.

They are also to discuss the development of co-operation within the
framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation and the
Eurasian Economic Community, where Armenia has the status of

Russia and Armenia proclaim readiness to fight against all aspects of
terrorism at the bilateral and multilateral level. Their political
interaction in this sphere is complemented with effective practical
co-operation of their law enforcement and security services.

The two presidents will also spotlight the implementation of
bilateral economic and other agreements.