Armenian & Russian presidents met in Sochi

Aug 20 2004


YEREVAN, AUGUST 20, ARMENPRESS: Armenian and Russian presidents
Robert Kocharian and Vladimir Putin met today at the residential
house of president Putin in Sochi.
Expressing his gratitude for accepting the invitation, V. Putin
mentioned that some of the issues have been ripe for discussion.
Though well developed relations are reported in political and other
fields, there are some issues which raise concerns, particularly he
mentioned the trade turnover between the two countries for the first
quarter of the year. V. Putin noted that both sides are aware of the
reasons of such decline and voiced his hope that during the meeting
possible solution will be discussed.
Expressing thanks for the invitation, president Robert Kocharian
noted that decline in trade turnover is conditioned with the
liberalization of diamond market and modernization in Armenal, a
Russian foil subsidiary. According to Armenian president, it is
expected that industrial output will double in Armenal after
modernization. In terms of cooperation in other fields, it is
inclined more to growth.
V. Putin mentioned that Russian sides has fully satisfied the
Armenian applications to study at Russian military higher education
establishment and the number of students may total 150. R. Kocharian
asked to be strict with Armenian students and treat them as Russian
cadets rather than foreigners. V. Putin fully agreed with R.
Kocharian mentioning that there are some technical matters which will
soon be resolved and expressed readiness to satisfy any application
for study in Russian higher educational establishments.