Dwellers of Minaz Appeal to Court Against BP Company


AKHALKALAKI, August 16 (Noyan Tapan). Dwellers of the village of Minaz
(Minadze) of the Akhaltskha region appealed to the court against the
British Petrolium (BP) company in connection with the construction of
the Baku-Tbilisi-Jeihan oil pipeline, which is carried out by this
company. According to the “A-Info” Agency, the reason for the
complaint of the dwellers of Minaz is that their houses greatly
suffered from shocks taking place as a result of the traffic of heavy
machinery used for the construction of the oil pipeline: some houses
are already considered as accident-prone and are under threat of

Dwellers of the village demanded that BP should compensate for the
damage, the latter refused to compensate. According to the BP company,
corresponding testing was carried out in the village for checking the
level of shocks taking place as a result of the traffic of their
transport means, and the level of chocks was determined. The company
is sure that the traffic can’t influence the constructions of the
village. BP representatives think that the trumbledown state of the
houses of Minaz is connected with the landslides of the local land.