Cases of Illegal Building Become More Frequent in Yerevan


YEREVAN, August 16 (Noyan Tapan). Unauthorized building and illegal
seizure of land is still widely spread in Yerevan and Yerevan Mayor’s
Office is anxious about this fenomenon. Grigor Melkumian, the Chief
Adviser of Yerevan Mayor, said this at the August 16 press
conference. Meanwhile it was mentioned that the struggle against
unauthorized building has become rather active compared with the
previous years. According to him, 1,974 signals about urban
construction and land use spheres were received at Yerevan Mayor’s
office in January-July of 2004 (in the first half-year of 2003 their
number made 919).

On the basis of them 867 facts were grounded as illegal building and
land seizure (compared with 72 cases of the previous year) and 325
buildings were destroyed and dismantled (compared with 32 buildings
destroyed and dismantled last year). 107 cases of administrative
violations were discussed in the committee in the above-mentioned
period. According to G.Melkumuian, lately unauthorized buildings have
been discovered in Acharian 17 and Artsakh 59b addresses and in the
territory adjoining Shirak street. And unauthorized attics built by
residents were discovered on the roof of the building situated in
Abovian 23.

The Chief Adviser of Yerevan Mayor mentioned that the illegal
buildings and constructions that correspond to the norms of urban
construction are found as a state property by the court and are ruled
by the Mayor’s Office. According to G.Melkumian, such structures may
be put on direct sale or auction after getting a state
registration. Meanwhile, it’s possible that these structures may be
obtained by their former owners.

The Adviser of Yerevan Mayor didn’t exclude that some responsible
officials who are aware of illegal construction may not inform or give
a signal about this in time. 2 employees of Yerevan Mayor’s Office
were dismissed and 3 called to disciplinary account for this very

G.Melkumian also informed that 17 additional posts were allocated for
the Urban Construction and Land Control Department of Mayor’s
Office. Competitions for occupying them will be held in the middle of
September. A new division of modern technologies and information will
be opened in the department.
From: Baghdasarian