BAKU: The Ministry of IT & Communications Stops Armenian Broadcast

Baku Today, Azerbaijan
Aug 14 2004

The Ministry of IT and Communications Stops the Armenian Broadcasting

The Ministry of Information Technologies and Communictations
constructed special transmitters to prevent the broadcasting of
Armenian TVs and radios in Azerbaijani territories, Azadinform
reported on Friday.

The transmitters are contsructed in the territories of Tartar, Oghuz
and Poylu stations. These transmitters will stop the brodcast of
Armenian TV and radios to Azerbaijani areas near the Armenian

The same problem exixsts with the Iranian broadcasters. Azerbaijani
and Iranian parties have already finished negotiations and signed
several documents to prevent the broacasting of Iranian TVs and
radios to Azeri districts situated near the Iranian border. In spite
of this Iranian side still hasn’t made any attempts to stop the
broadcatsing of Iranian programs in Azerbaijani districts.