Children Also Suffer From Family Violence


VANADZOR, August 13 (Noyan Tapan). The research on 400 cases of family
violence has been conducted in nine marzes of Armenia since October
2002. The research results were presented during the August 13 seminar
in Vanadzor organized by the Helsinki Association of Armenia (HAA) and
the “Tsovinar” public organization. HAA Chairman Mikael Danielian
noted that family violence is not limited to cases when husbands
batter their wives. According to him, one motive for family violence
is the fact of being a sexual minority member either by husband or by
wife. At the same time, M. Danielian noted that the Association
undertakes protective measures with respect to victims only if they
seek the organization’s help. It was also mentioned that the research
done in the Lori marz revealed that not only women but also children
suffered from family violence. Anna Hakobian, Chairwoman of the
“Tsovinar” organization, reported that their interference in the cases
of family violence does not pursue the goal to dissolve marriages, and
they intervene in these conflicts only when the case gets to court and
the victims need free legal defense.