Youth advances leave strong impact on cultural environment


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Youth advances leave strong impact on cultural environment, summer, 2004 yet…

The country, Lebanon, in its summer 2004 cultural events and festivals has
witnessed a great rise and awakening consolidating youth’s role in
organizing local and regional cultural events from inception to

Credit goes to enthusiasm of the young and the extra- curricular role of
universities in Lebanon, which have made seeking to cultivate its efforts
for the sake of cultural development and motivation through student
development programs and full-pledged support to academic activities and
life on campuses.

Over the past six years, I have worked closely with 2 distinguished
institutions of higher learning in Lebanon, with eyes wide open on print
and broadcast media. Both the media and academic institutions in Lebanon
hold cultural oriented events all (all- year- long) tinged with youth’s
stamina and effectively explore youth’s valuable talents in cultural
alteration and cultural exchange.

This leaves Lebanon on a high pedestal in terms of a supportive audience,
public support and, at times a, devoted audience of all generations
attending various cultural events. However, an audience of mixed
generations, is not the norm.

Mixed generations, are sometimes found thanks to advances in technology,
and find mixed generations using the same brand or commodity. This should
persuade us, as the older generation, to provide the young with a
challenging, culturally advanced society.

The next phase, if not well considered, might take us by surprise in the
future. If youth festivals, theatricals, dance, art and music concerts on
Lebanese premises outside University campuses, not only go un-rewarded or
un-awarded but also unevaluated, then those current efforts may become
redundant and will soon loose appeal in terms of sponsorship and audience

Here is our role and the role of the Lebanese Ministry of Youth and Sports,
which over the past few years has gone into sports and forgotten about the
‘other’ part of its mission ‘Youth’.

Moreover, it would be rewarding to have the ministry, within the coming
years, organize a cultural youth festival with awards at the end of every
summer and keep the fire burning. This would be in addition to the many
sports tournaments. (Life among youth is not only sports, nor is this
limited to the younger generation)…..

At the end of the day, we are all striving not to fall short in the eyes of
our ountry, but if we were ever to neglect the young with their energy,
dedication and efforts we would be impoverishing our own future.

Who should do what? What should be done next?

As a mother, I always turn to the younger generation for acquired learning.
Let’s think of schools that give summer work for their students. Upon
their return, teachers evaluate the amount of work accomplished and assign
recognition accordingly. Children take pride that during their summer they
accomplished school recognition. They come home bragging. This gives them
motivation for the next step ahead.

In the same way provide an incentive by recognizing and rewarding Youth’s
cultural activities at the end of the summer. This would lead to positive
impact and feedback for the organizers and those who attended, let alone
those considering resuming their efforts the next summer with fresh new
ideas with a sense of positive competition leading to impact creativity
avoiding monotonous and repetitive events.

Academic institutions tend to recognize efforts and it’s rewarding. On a
yearly basis universities invite their alumni, honor a few well-known in
society generating many positive purposes. So too do a few Lebanese high
officials; when traveling abroad, they meet with key Lebanese businessmen
in the diaspora and build bridges, which also has a positive impact on
Lebanon as a whole. Also, we often read in the news about certain
individuals being honored or rewarded for purely academic achievements.

Households or big names should go the extra mile and evaluate Youths’
superlative work to Lebanon’s multicultural environment this summer and
every other summer. This would favor renewed cultural activities
future-attempts, as well as reform and change, challenging the youth and
attracting different audiences while gaining national and regional
recognition? This would lead to positive outcomes on many levels. And you
name one.