Gasparian: Militant appeals of Azerbaijan only deepen

Noyan Tapan, Armenia
Aug 10 2004


YEREVAN, 10.08.04. RA Foreign Ministry considers inadmissible
Azerbaijan`s last attempt to disguise its non-constructive position
in achievement of a long peace. Hamlet Gasparian, the Spokesman of RA
Foreign Ministry, emphasized this in the August 6 press release while
commenting upon the statement spread on August 4 by the Foreign
Ministry of Azerbaijan in connection with the military exercises held
in Nagorno Karabakh. `Azerbaijan`s militant statements, doscontent
with peace, legal, democratic elections of the Nagorno Karabakh
people or disdainful statements regarding fulfilment of the right of
self-determination by it only deepen the atmosphere of mistrust and
cynicism,` the press release said. The Spokesman of RA Foreign
Ministry mentioned that despite of unsuccessful comment of the Azeri
side, Armenia is always ready to participate in the efforts of the
international organizations is the region, in particular, in the
forthcoming exercises within the framework of the `Best Joint Effort
– 2004` program of NATO, as well as to continue being involved into
the negotiation process on peace settlement of the conflict.