Pan-Diaspora Conference on Armenian Education

Aug 4 2004


ANTELIAS, AUGUST 4, ARMENPRESS: Initiated by His Holiness Aram I,
Catholicos of Cilicia and organized by the Catholicosate of Cilicia,
a Pan-Diaspora Conference on Armenian Education will start its
discussion on Thursday morning, 5 August 2004 in the main hall of the
Theological Seminary, in Bikfaya, Lebanon. The theme of the
conference is “The Armenian Education today in a Diaspora situation”.
Around one hundred intellectuals and experts almost from all
communities in Diaspora will address this timely issue in different
perspectives and contexts.
The Conference will start with a critical and analytical
evaluation of the present estate of the Armenian Education in
Diaspora, and will proceed to identify the emerging concerns and
perspectives. In light of that the Conference will endeavor to
redefine the Armenian Education vis-a-vis the new challenges and the
new realities of the present world. The Conference will conclude its
deliberations by making a declaration, where the major guidelines and
orientations for a new educational policy for the Diaspora will be
The minister of Education, the president of the Cultural and
Educational commission of the Parliament and the president of the
Union of the Armenian writers in Armenia will attend this conference.
Because of the unique importance of the Conference and the special
attention that the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia gives to the
Armenian Education, His Holiness Aram I will address the Conference
and take part in its deliberations and actions.