Austrian Embassy official says Armenia-Austria links more active

Aug 4 2004


YEREVAN, AUGUST 4, ARMENPRESS: Economic adviser at Austrian
Embassy in Moscow Johan Kauzli said links between Armenia and Austria
are becoming more active. Kauzli is inYerevan on the occasion of the
pilgrimage of more than 600 Austrians from Linze. He said that this
is his sixth visit to Armenia and recalled his visit during the
Soviet times when Armenia was considered a leading leather industry
republic. Kauzli said progress is visible in Armenia since the
independence especially in construction, service industry and
J. Kauzly expressed his satisfaction for the closer links between
Armenia and Austria. He recalled an Austrian business exhibition in
Yerevan a year ago and also informed that Armenian businessmen will
visit Austria in September. In general, business, cultural and
scientific ties rise mutual interests and are prospective.
J. Kauzly noted that Armenian economy can boost only in case of
favorable conditions – open borders and direct routs to different
countries, active integration to international and particularly,
European structures. He voiced his hope that Armenian-Austrian ties
will contribute to that. According to him, Armenian businessmen
clearly understand their challenges and actively engage in solving
them which is marked by a visible economic growth in Armenia.