Parish teachers focus on teaching language, culture, faith

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August 2, 2004


A dozen educators from parishes throughout the Diocese have been in New
York City since Sunday, July 11, for a week-long session at the Diocesan

The Arthur and Tacouhie Ayvazian Armenian Teacher’s College gives parish
Armenian School teachers, teachers to be, and administrators a hands-on
lesson on teaching methods. The weeklong session, which can be taken
for college credit from St. Peter’s College, featured 20 experts
lecturing on education topics such as teaching second language learners,
working with children with learning disabilities, property presentation
in front of a class, and creating lesson plans.

The participants in the Teacher’s College also take part in
Armenian-specific sessions, such as workshops focusing on Armenian
music, dance, and drama; overviews of Armenian history by scholars;
prayer services and faith discussions with clergy; and a hands-on
explanation of class projects that are designed for local Armenian

“It is vitally important that we keep our Armenian heritage and
traditions alive today, in our new home of America,” Archbishop Khajag
Barsamian, Primate of the Eastern Diocese, said. “Part of what makes
our faith rich is the deep and ancient connection our church has with
our proud culture. Giving parish educators new tools and resources is
just one way we are working to make sure the next generation remains
truly Armenian.”

Endowment funds cover the cost of lodging and transportation for
participants in the Teacher’s College, which allows all parishes, even
smaller ones, to send representatives. The program was organized by
Sylva der Stepanian, coordinator of Armenian Studies at the Diocese.

At the end of the session, participants took oral and written tests,
under the direction of Professor James Jacobson, chairman of the
education department at St. Peter’s College.

Participants in this year’s Teacher’s College include:
Luiza Chitjian, NY
Anna-Karin Demirciyan, NY
Anna Demerjian, NY
Mary Gulmezian, NY
Aren Kayserian, NY
Christine Kolandjian, TX
Alexandrew Mironescu, TN
Talin Manukian, NJ
Nectar Munroe, CT
Souzanne Ouzounian, TX
Patrick Rabbot, KY
Anna Tonoyan, NJ

— 8/02/04

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PHOTO CAPTION (1): Participants in the Eastern Diocese’s Teacher’s
College meet with Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate, following their
week of workshops focused on teaching methods.