FM Meets Janez Lenarcic, Incoming Chairman of OSCE Permanent Council

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27 July 2004

Foreign Minister Oskanian Meets With Ambassador Janez Lenarcic of
Slovenia, Incoming Chairman of OSCE Permanent Council

On 26 July, Minister Oskanian received Ambassador Janez Lenarcic,
Slovenia’s Permanent Representative to the OSCE. Slovenia assumes the
chairmanship of the OSCE in 2005 and Lenarcic, as Incoming Chairman of
the OSCE Permanent Council was on a get-acquainted visit to Armenia
and the region.

In view of Slovenia’s imminent OSCE chairmanship next year, Ambassador
Lenarcic requested that Foreign Minister Oskanian share Armenia’s
views on cooperation with and within the OSCE. The Minister stressed
that the OSCE is an important organization for Armenia, both as a
supporter of democratization efforts, and in its support of media, of
the government’s anti-corruption strategy and in other civic
programs. The Minister spoke about the useful and effective role of
the OSCE Yerevan office in these programs.

The Foreign Minister also commented on the recent declaration by CIS
member countries on the need for OSCE reform, for greater transparency
and inclusivity, and pointed out that Armenia’s Permanent Mission in
Vienna repeatedly raises this issue with the OSCE leadership.

At the same time, both parties stressed that the OSCE, as the forum
within which the OSCE Minsk Group operates, is very important in its
role in conflict resolution and peace building. The parties exchanged
opinions on the various directions and areas of OSCE operations in
terms of their relevance to regions in transition, specifically the
South Caucasus.

Minister Oskanian also informed Ambassador Lenarcic on the latest
developments with the Nagorno Karabagh conflict settlement process as
well as Armenia-Turkey relations.

Ambassador Lenarcic was accompanied by Ambassador Vladimir Pryakhyn,
Head of the OSCE Yerevan Office, and Ambassador Andrej Kasprzyk,
Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman for the Nagorno Karabagh