BAKU: Azeri pressure group members to stand trial on 9 August

Azeri pressure group members to stand trial on 9 August

MPA news agency
27 Jul 04


Baku’s Nasimi district court chaired by [judge] Famil Nasibov held
preliminary hearings into the case of six members of the Karabakh
Liberation Movement [KLO] today (27 July). The six men were arrested
for staging protests against Armenian officers’ participation in a
NATO conference in Baku on 22 June.

The court heard out the parties’ positions and rejected two petitions
by the defence.

The first petition was to change the preventive punishment and the
second to call new witnesses and use new materials. In particular,
lawyer Elcin Qambarov asked the court to take into account video
footage featuring police violence against the protesters which was
filmed by the ANS TV company and to call the deputy chief of the
Yasamal district police department, Cingiz Mammadov, to testify. The
judge did not consider it necessary to call additional witnesses. The
trial is set for 9 August. Qambarov said he will keep trying to get
new witnesses to be called and new materials to be used.