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July 26, 2004


YEREVAN – As we approach the end of the first academic year in which the
teaching of religion was introduced into the public school curriculum,
the needs of teachers has become a major concern. The school curriculum
for the 4th grade is entirely devoted to the Bible. The Bible Society
has received an official request from the educational and religious
authorities at the highest levels to assist in both the training of
these teachers and in providing them with their own copies of the
Scriptures, given the fact that many of them are teaching religion for
the first time in their lives. At the current stage, the Bible Society
Board has adopted a project of assisting the teachers of the Armavir

The first phase of this project, April 15-July 15, 2004, took place in
the city of Vagharshapat. The opening was blessed by HG Bishop Sion
Adamian, the Primate of the Diocese of Armavir. Forty teachers have
constantly attended the courses every Thursday afternoon. The manager of
this project, the Board Secretary Arshavir Kapoudjian, presented the
mission of the Bible Society and explored the objectives of this
initiative, stating: “The Bible Society will always meet the need of the
churches and this is one of the examples that BS carries such
responsibility upon its shoulders. We know very well how important your
mission is. Hence, we consider ourselves your colleagues, to work
together, to bring the Word of God to our new generation.” Arshavir
Kapoudjian (The Old Testament); Rev. Fr Serope Chamurlian, the
Representative of Mechitarist Congregation to Armenia (The Four Gospels,
The Acts); Deacon Gevorg Ghushchian, Assistant to the Vicar General of
Araratian Patriarchal Diocese (The Epistles); Revd Dr Manuel Jinbashian,
UBS Translation Consultant (Historical and Linguistic Issues in the
Bible) took part in this project as lecturers.

On July 15, 2004, was the closure of this phase. After the final
lecture, certificates have been given to the teachers by HG Bishop
Adamian. The Primate expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the
Bible Society for this important initiative. He added: “Everyday and
everywhere we saw the commitment of the Bible Society.” After getting
the certificates some of the teachers expressed their joy and thanks
stating: “This initiative gives an opportunity for not simply acquiring
knowledge but it was also a source for spiritual uplifting. Every time
we left this classroom we felt much more encouraged and enlightened. So,
we don’t want to take this moment as an end but we hope to continue this

The Bible Society plans to organize some school visits and a full-day
seminar in fall, in the city of Vagharshapat. The next step of such
project will take place in September 2004 in the city of Armavir

The Bible Society of Armenia was established in 1991, when the late
Catholicos Vazgen I and representatives of the United Bible Societies
signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the translation,
publication and dissemination of the Holy Bible in Armenia. The Bible
Society of Armenia is committed to the widest possible meaningful and
effective distribution of the Holy Scriptures in languages and media
which meet the needs of people, at a price they can afford. The Board of
Trustees of The Bible Society of Armenia consists of representatives of
the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Armenian Catholic Church and the
Union of Armenian Evangelical and Baptist Churches.

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