Antelias: Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan in Antelias

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“Christian Moslem collaboration must be developed on common values”
His Holiness Catholicos Aram I

“Christian-Moslem dialogue is integral to the history of the Middle East”
His Highness Prince Hassan Bin Talal

ANTELIAS, (25 JULY 2004) – The meeting that took place between His Holiness
Aram I Catholicos of all Armenians of Cilicia and His Highness Prince Hassan
Bin Talal of Jordan today in Antelias was a significant event in the context
of the Christian-Moslem dialogue. In fact both leaders are engaged in the
Christian-Moslem dialogue regionally and internationally. They are both
committed to promotion of human rights, common human values and peace with

In a private meeting that took place in the office of His Holiness,
Catholicos Aram I and Prince Hassan of Jordan addressed a number of issues
related to the Middle East and particularly to Christian-Moslem dialogue.
They both stressed the crucial importance of deepening the interfaith
dialogue as an important instrument for the restoration of peace, justice
and reconciliation in the world today.

The private meeting was followed by an official reception in the main hall
of the Catholicosate. Present were the Armenian minister in the government,
the Central Committee of the Catholicosate the Primate of Lebanon, the
representatives of the Antelias clergy and the community leaders.

In his welcoming speech His Holiness Aram I greeted His Highness “as a great
Arab leader committed to justice, peace and reconciliation; as a man of
dialogue engaged in developing meaningful collaboration between Islam and
Christianity; as a friend and a partner walking and working together for the
promotion of common values and vision”. He then referred to the manifold
mission of the Catholicosate in the Armenian Diaspora emphasizing
particularly its contribution to Christian-Moslem dialogue. Speaking about
the challenges and concerns facing humanity, His Holiness Aram I pointed out
the pivotal role of religion. In this context he warned the misuse and the
abuse of religion which could become a source of evil. Concluding his
remarks, Catholicos Aram I assured the Prince that the Armenian Church and
people with their long history of suffering and genocide, as well as with
their continues struggle for justice and freedom remain partners with all
those who are committed for the building of a world sustained by tolerance,
mutual trust, human rights, justice and reconciliation.

In his respond to the greeting of His Holiness, His Highness expressed his
joy to be in the center of the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia. He
addressed His Holiness as a friend and a partner committed for the sacred
cause of justice, human dignity, inter-religious tolerance and peace. His
Highness then described the context of the present world in its major
problems, needs and challenges. He considered the role of religions very
important in developing firm ethical bases to govern the life of societies.

At the end of greetings His Holiness and His Highness responded to some
questions raised by those present.


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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress