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* Thousands participate in demonstration organised by Dashnaktsoutiun and
Ramkavar parties
* Cypriots demand withdrawal of Turkish troops from Cyprus
* Armenians demand Armenian Genocide recognition

PARIS (AYFFM1/–Thousands of demonstrators on Tuesday
converged on the spot where Prime Minister Erdogan was expected to
give hispress conference.

Ramkavar and Dashnaktsoutiun party representatives as well as
representatives of the Cypriot and Kurdish communities of France
addressed the demonstrators. Also participating was the Dashnak
representative of Holland. That country will assume the Presidency of
the European Union in the coming months.

ARF Dashnaktsoutiun’s Papazian stated that representative of Armenian
communities would be visiting the European leaders with whom Prime
MinisterErdogan met during his tour.

Papazian also reported that on Monday Erdogan had addressed a
gathering of 3,000 Turks in France in an attempt to reorganize the
Turkish community there.

Angered Erdogan blackmails Armenians, tying the Genocide issue with
border opening

According to the Turkish Sabah newspaper, while in France Erdogan also
addressed the Armenian Genocide issue and said: “This is an issue for
the historians. The Armenian Diaspora makes a mistake by keeping this
issue high in its agenda. It is not beneficial for Armenia. As long as
this propaganda keeps going there will be no perspective for the
Armenian-Turkish relations. If they put an end to this then Turkey may
be willing to open the border with Armenia.”.


“None of the funds made available in this Act may be used by the
Government of Turkey to engage in contravention of section 1913 of
title 18, United States Code, relating to lobbying with appropriated
moneys, with respect to HRes 193, Reaffirming support of the
Convention on the Prevention and Punishmentof the Crime of Genocide
and anticipating the 15th anniversary of the enactment of the Genocide
Convention Implementation Act of 1987 (the Proxmire Act) on November
4, 2003.”

— Amendment to Foreign Operations Bill prohibiting Turkey from
usingUS foreign aid to lobby against Genocide Resolution

— Rep. Knollenberg’s Leadership key to maintaining military aid
parity for Armenia and Azerbaijan

WASHINGTON, DC – In a powerful rebuke to the Turkish government’s
campaign of genocide denial, the House of Representatives this evening
adopted the Schiff Amendment, prohibiting the Turkish government from
using U.S. foreign assistance in its multi-million dollar campaign to
defeat legislation (H.Res.193) recognizing the Armenian Genocide,
reported the Armenian National Committeeof America (ANCA).

The amendment, introduced by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), was passed by a
voice vote and added to the fiscal year 2005 foreign aid bill
(H.R.4818). The foreign aid bill was later passed by a vote of 365 to

In his remarks on the House floor introducing the measure, Rep. Schiff
told his colleagues that, “today I offer a simple amendment that will
honor the one and a half million Armenians who perished in the
Armenian Genocide of the 1915 and 1923. I consider this a sacred
obligation to ensure that the men, women, and children who perished in
the Armenian Genocide are not lost to history and that this Congress
not fund shameful efforts to deny that the Genocide occurred.”
Commenting after the vote, Rep. Schiff said, “We are another step
closer to silencing those who would deny the murder of 1.5 million
Armenians,” adding that, “This amendment stands true to the memory of
the victims.”

“The passage of this amendment is a major victory,” said Armenian
Caucus Co-Chairman Frank Pallone, Jr. “It clearly sends a message
that the United States House of Representatives will not tolerate
Turkey’s lobbying against the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.”

In his remarks during consideration of the measure, the New Jersey
legislator stressed that “it is time for this body to stop defending
and funding a government that continues to deny its own history, and
refuses to break with the pattern of intolerance established by past
Turkish governments which dealt with minority issues by committing
genocide against Armenians, massacring and driving Greeks from its
shores, restricting the rights of Christians to worship, and denying
the existence of its Kurdish citizens.”

“We want, first and foremost, to thank Congressman Schiff for his
tireless leadership in advancing this amendment, to recognize the
strong support of Armenian Caucus Co-Chairmen Frank Pallone and Joe
Knollenberg, and to note the pivotal role that Chairman Kolbe played
in helping this measure reach the House floor – where, as we all saw
this evening, it enjoyed overwhelming bi-partisan support,” said ANCA
Chairman Ken Hachikian.

The Genocide Resolution, H.Res.193, reaffirms U.S. support for the
Genocide Convention and cites the importance of remembering past
crimes against humanity, including the Armenian Genocide, Holocaust,
Cambodian and Rwandangenocides, in an effort to stop future
atrocities. It faces intense opposition fromthe Turkish government,
which has enlisted the backing of the White House in its efforts to
block this measure from being scheduled for a vote of the full House.

The Genocide Resolution was introduced, in the House, in April, 2003,
by Representatives George Radanovich (R-CA), Adam Schiff (D-CA), and
Congressional Armenian Caucus Co-Chairs Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and Joe
Knollenberg (R-MI). Its Senate companion measure was introduced, in
June, 2003, by Senators John Ensign (R-NV) and Jon Corzine (D-NJ).
H.Res.193 was adopted unanimously by the House Judiciary Committee
last May. Support for the measure has been widespread off of Capitol
Hill as well, with a diverse coalition of over 100 ethnic, religious,
civil and human rights organizations calling for its passage,
including American Values, National Organization of Women, Sons of
Italy, NAACP, Union of Orthodox Rabbis, and the National Council of La


Nicosia, Jul 20 (CNA) – Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos said
tonight that although the non-solution of the Cyprus problem was not a
solution, the Greek Cypriot side could in no way choose a non-viable
solution, noting that if the non-solution festers the peril of
uncertainty, then a bad solution cultivates and guarantees the
certainty of a disaster.

Speaking at an event organised by the Cypriot government under the
title ”Cyprus 1974-2004, No to the occupation, Yes to reunification”
President Papadopoulos said the Greek Cypriot side does not apologise
for rejecting asolution plan proposed by UN Secretary General Kofi
Annan in the April 24 referendum, noting that ”our answer was right
and so was our position.”

He added that ”we want a solution urgently and we are sincerely
working for the reunification of our homeland and its people, for a
solution on the basis of a bizonal, bicommunal and functional
federation, which the Annan plan can offer with the appropriate
improvements to it.”

President Papadopoulos said that lifting the Turkish occupation of the
island’s northern third could be achieved through an agreed solution,
adding that such a solution could be found on the basis of the Annan


MOSCOW (ARMENPRESS) A Russian group began an expedition of Mount
Ararat last Saturday. The organizers hope to prove that an object
nestled amid the snow and ice is Noah’s Ark. The group will present
the Turkish authorities an icon of George the Triumphant, who is
thought to be the protector of Caucasian Mountains. The expedition
marks Andrey Polyakov’s second attempt at locating the ark.

A joint US-Turkish team of 10 explorers also plan to tackle the
mountain this summer in an attempt to uncover a mammoth structure of
some 45 feet high, 75 feet wide and about 450 feet long that was
partly exposed during last summer’s European heat wave.

Explorers have long searched for an ark on the high slopes of Mount
Ararat, where the biblical account of the Great Flood places it. In
1957, Turkish air force pilots spotted a boat-shaped formation in the
Agri province. The government did not pursue the sighting,
however. The entire area, includingMount Ararat, was placed off limits
to explorers, after the USSR accused them of serving as US spies.


FC Pyunik weathered a spirited fight-back from FK Pobeda before
booking a second-round meeting with FC Shakhtar Donetsk of Ukraine
courtesy of a 4-2 aggregate win.

The Armenian champions, 3-1 victors in the first leg, were given a
scare after 23 minutes when Dragan Dimitrovski gave the
F.Y.R. Macedonian visitors the lead. A 2-0 victory would have put
Pobeda through on away goals, however Galust Petrosyan finally calmed
Pyunik’s frayed nerves with an equaliser 13 minutes from time.

Pobeda’s Borce Manevski was sent off in the 89th minute as the tie
slipped away from his side.


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– Turkey’s showcase express train derailed yesterday (Thursday )in the
northwest, killing at least 36 people and injuring about 60, after
critics warned the old tracks along the Istanbul-Ankara line could not
handle the new high-speed cars.

– At least three Armenian chess players Vladimir Hakobian, Levon
Aronian and Karen Asrian will be eligible to compete for the World
Chess Cup which is expected to begin in 2005, in a newly designed
contest organized by the World Chess Federation.

– Armenia topped its Davis Cup Group at the Europe/Africa Zone Group
IV in Chisinau, by defeating Botswana, Malta and Mauritius.

– 900 high school graduates in Karabagh participated in Stepanakert
University’s entrance examination – the only one in the country – on
July 20.

– A five-year Italian child with leukaemia was saved after her genetic
makeup matched that of 22-year-old Armenian student, Vahe
Vardanian. The bone marrow transplant operation was performed on July
6 in Italy.

– 33 million drams in emergency assistance was allocated to the
province of Syunik, which was recently devastated by strong hailstorms
and winds that destroyed tens of homes.

– According to Sevan Observatory sources, Lake Sevan is currently
situated 1897.95 meters above the sea level. Last year, the level was
half a meter lower.

-Authorities of Mountainous Karabagh Republic said that after
consultations with the International Red Cross, they handed over a
19-year old Azeri soldier that had been detained when crossing a
cease-fire line last month.

– An Armenian magazine employee Pail Peloyan’s died after being
stabbed and beaten in Moscow.

g i b r a h a y c a l e n d a r

excursion to Armenia, 7-14 August. Participants will exclusively be
Armenian youth (ages13 to 35) from all over the world. The one-week
programme is specially organized to include an optimum amount of
sightseeing, led by expert guides. Trips to Shushi, Stepanakert,
Noravank, Gladzor, Lake Sevan, Dilidjan, Barz Lidj, Khor Virab,
St. Etchmiadzin, Zvartnots, Sartarabad, Garni, Keghart,
Dzidzernagapert are included in the meticulously prepared
programme. Lodging will be at the “Lousakert” Hotel, 20 kilometres
North of Yerevan, ideally situated in an orchard. The hotel rooms are
fully equipped with all the necessary facilities. The price of the
WHOLE PACKAGE, including FULL BOARD, all the excursions, transfers
from and to the airport, return air fare from Cyprus and visa to
Armenia is only 335 Cyprus pounds. Those interested should immediately
call 99747798 or 99929343, as availability is very limited.

* The Armenian Youth Federation is organising its 17th Annual Summer
Camp at the Camp Site of Morphou Prelature at Kalopanayiotis from 9-15
August 2004.A rich educational and fun programme including Martial
Arts, Swimming, Trekking, Treasure Hunt, and Kisherayin Arshav. To
receive more information or to register please contact the following:
Nareg Tavitian 99488926, Nora Sarian 99439956 or Simon Aynedjian

* The Armenian Youth Federation organised a youth gathering at Aktea
Beach in Ayia Napa for the weekend of 17-18 July. Enclosed some images
from the weekend at the
link: Once you
enter the site, click on view as slideshow on the right.

* The Armenian Youth Federation is organising Beach Party on Saturday
31 July, 2004 from 7:00 p.m. at The Fig Tree Bay in Protaras
Beach. Skiing, snacks, drinks, music, dancing and midnight
swim. Special package: All-inclusive participation to the Beach Party,
accommodation and breakfast at Aktea Beach in Ayia Napa for only
17.00. Contact Jirayr Sarkissian 99445018, Hagop Ipdjian 99476305,
Bedo Mouradian 99319415 and Marie Louise Kouyoumdjian 99839768 for
more details.

* CHANGE OF VENUE Khanasor and Lisbon 5 Expeditions commemoration at
Troodos Picnic site of “Loumada ton Aeton” (last year’s site and the
site of 1981-1982 AYF Camps, one mile before the American Academy Camp
site. As always follow the tricolours) Sunday July 25, 2004, organised
by AYMA, Dashnaktsoutiun Cyprus Committee, The Armenian National
Committee of Cyprus, AYF, Larnaca and Limassol Armenian Clubs,
Hamazkayin and ARS (HOM) Cyprus Chapters. Hayer hishek nviragan ayn
ore, Houlis amsoun ksanhinkin gadaretsek mer done. Commemorative
Programme begins at 12:00 noon. Speaker of the Day, President of
A.Y.M.A, Adour Karaguelian.

* A Tour to Armenia is being organised by the Central Executive of
Hamazkayin from August 20-September 3, 2004 with the participation of
members and friends from Armenian diaspora communities. Trips to
Karabagh are also scheduled. To receive more info and to apply for the
trip please contact the Cyprus Hamazkayin Committee members

* POSTPONED The Annual General Meeting of The Hamazkayin Cultural and
Educational Association “Oshakan” Cyprus Chapter has been postponed
for Tuesday September 14, 2004.

The Armenian Prelature announces that the next permit for the Armenian
Cemetery visitation at Ayios Dhometios on the Green line, is scheduled
for Sunday 25 July, 2004.

* Armenian Radio Hour on The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation can be
heard via real audio on . Broadcast times 17:00-18:00
local Cyprus time (14:00-15:00 GMT) News bulletins at 17:15 local time
on Sundays, Tuesdays, Fridays. Armenian Cypriots can also tune in on
the following radio frequencies 91.1 FM (Mount Olympus – for Nicosia
listeners) 94.2 FM (Paralimni/Protaras/Agia Napa) 92.4 FM (Larnaca)
96.5 FM (Paphos).

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