Crime Exposure in First Half of 2004 Totaled 83.5% vs 83% in 2003

IN 2003

YEREVAN, JULY 23. ARMINFO. 5,351 crimes were registered in Armenia in
the first half of 2004 as against 5,120 in the same period of 2003,
said Military Prosecutor Gagik Jhangiryan at today’s session of the
Collegium of Armenia’s Prosecutor General’s Office.

In the sphere of economic crimes, 152 cases were registered. At the
same time, tax evasion totaled 34 as against 17 in 2003, the number of
exposed cases increased 113.3%. Damage on the misapproriation cases
submitted tp the court totaled 1 bln 34.4 mln drams, 140.7 mln of them
were returned in the course of the investigation, which totals 12/6%
as against 3.3% in 2003.

Crime exposure in the first half of 2004 totaled 83.5% as against 83%
in the same period of 2003. In the same period, investigatory bodies
of Armenia completed 2.298 criminal cases, 1.709 were submitted to the
court, including 31 cases against 43 people charged with premeditated
murder. In the period under review, 30 cases of murder were registered
in the country, which is by 11 cases less than in the same period of
2003. The First Instance Courts of Armenia considered and announced
verdicts on 1,610 criminal cases, including 109 against minors. The
Court of Appeal considered 314 cases, the Court of Cassation 14. 49%
of the defendants were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment as
against 38% in 2003. 95 criminal cases were initiated. Prosecutors
submitted 286 claims on protection of state interests for 1 bln 842.7
mln drams to the courts. 570.6 mln drams were returned on the
voluntary basis. Courts satisfied 199 claims for 397.5 mln drams.