BAKU: Aliyev satisfied with development of relations with Russia

Azer News, Azerbaijan
July 22 2004

President Aliyev satisfied with development of relations with Russia

President Ilham Aliyev received Viktor Chernomyrdin, Russian
Ambassador to the Ukraine, former Prime Minister of Russia on

President Aliyev said he attaches a particular importance to
strengthening the ties with Russia and stressed the dynamics of
developing relations between Azerbaijan and Russia, which are
strategic partners. Chernomyrdin, in turn, voiced a hope for the
strengthening of the Russo-Azeri ties.

Although the purpose of the unexpected visit by Chernomyrdin, who is
one of Russia’s gas tycoons, to Baku is not officially disclosed,
political observers relate this to the issue of the construction of
an Iranian gas pipeline transporting gas to Europe through
Azerbaijan. Russia, which opposes Iranian gas exports to Europe, has
managed to hinder the construction of a pipeline transporting gas via