RA Premier Meets With Georgian Foreign Minister


YEREVAN, JULY 21. ARMINFO. RA Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan and
Georgian Foreign Minister Salome Zurabishvily discussed issues of
developing the bilateral relations.

The press service of the RA Government reports that during a meeting
today the Armenian Premier expressed his satisfaction over the high
level of bilateral relations. According to him, the Armenian-Georgian
relations are one of the components of regional stability, but they
need attention and discussion, especially in the economic aspect. In
this context, pointing out the importance of the Georgian Foreign
Minister’s first official visit to Armenia, the Armenian Premier
stressed that it will contribute to his own visit to Georgia in a few
days. During the visit, the Armenian-Georgian Intergovernment Economic
Cooperation is to hold its regular meeting to be chaired by the
Armenian and Georgian Premiers. Stressing the importance of the
Commission’s activities, the Armenian Premier expressed confidence
that he will discuss a wide range of issues of Armenian-Georgian
economic cooperation with his Georgian counterpart Zurab Zhvania.

Speaking of ensuring regional stability, Andranik Margaryan stressed
Armenia’s concern with stability in Georgia. In his turn, the Georgian
Foreign Minister presented the political situation in Georgia, in
particular, the new situation in Ajaria, the problems in Abkhazia and
South Ossetia, Georgia’s relations with Russia and Turkey. The sides
also discussed problems of Javakhetia. Pointing out that Armenia is
constantly concerned with the Armenian diaspora, the Armenian Premier
expressed a hope that the Georgian authorities will deal with the
socio-economic, educational and cultural problems of Georgia’s
citizens of Armenian nationality. Andranik Margaryan re-affirmed
Armenia’s willingness to assist with the implementation of
socio-economic development programs in Samtskhe-Javakhetia. The sides
re-affirmed the willingness of the Armenian and Georgian Governments
to strengthen the bilateral political and economic relations, as well
as to be actively involved in regional integration.