BAKU:Azerbaijan to make no territorial integrity compromises -Aliyev

Azerbaijan to make no territorial integrity compromises – president

Turan news agency, Baku
21 Jul 04

Xudat, 21 July: “The Karabakh conflict remains Azerbaijan’s most
painful problem. For many years Azerbaijan has been trying to resolve
this issue peacefully. But regrettably, the talks have yield no
results,” Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said today when
addressing the personnel of a military unit of the Xudat border
detachment on the Azerbaijani-Russian border.

According to him, the activities of the mediators have yielded no
results either. “As for various calls and proposals, they do not
reflect the reality,” Aliyev added.

“Azerbaijan’s cause is fair. Our lands are under
occupation. International legal norms, justice, economic opportunities
and potential are on our side,” he said.

Aliyev spoke about major work in the sphere of military
build-up. According to him, sufficient funds have been spent and will
be spent on this sphere in the future.

In several years Azerbaijan will turn into an economically strong
state and its military “superiority” will intensify even further. “In
these conditions, we cannot have a positive attitude to some calls,
particularly, with regard to compromises,” Aliyev said.

“Compromises are impossible on the issue of territorial integrity. I
have repeatedly said that we will not compromise on the issue of
territorial integrity. Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity will be
restored. The possibilities of achieving this peacefully have not been
exhausted yet. However, we have to be ready to liberate our lands
militarily at any moment. We have everything for this: the unity of
the Azerbaijani people, the people’s complete readiness for action, a
strong army and the will of the Azerbaijani leadership and people,” he