“Veratsnund” Public Org Unites Veterans of Special Police Detachment


YEREVAN, July 20 (Noyan Tapan). “The main goal of the organization
established by us is to assist to strengthening of the power of the
Armed Forces of Armenia by means of preparation and education of the
young generation,” Yuri Hovhannisian, a representative of the
organization, declared at the July 20 press conference dedicated to
presentation of the “Veratsnund” (“Revival”) new public organization.
At the press conference it was mentioned that the new organization
united the veterans of special detachments of police. There are many
participants of 1990-94 military operations on the Armenian-Azeri
border among the veterans of the organization. Y.Hovhannisian told the
journalists that “Veratsnund” is a centrical pro-governmental
organization: “We don’t conceal this.”

Assistance to social condition of the veterans of special detachments
of police, as well as provision of stability in the home political
life of the country are among the top priority tasks of the
organization. Answering a question of Noyan Tapan, how does the
organization intend to provide stability, Yuri Hovhannisian said that
the organization plans to render assistance to the state in
preparation of military cadres. In particular, the corresponding
program was worked out, which includes a number of arrangements on
preparation of young men for army. He assured that soon these
arrangements will be held in a number of schools.