Armenian opposition bloc denies rumours of disagreement

Armenian opposition bloc denies rumours of disagreement

20 Jul 04


The existence of different approaches to one or another issue cannot
be regarded as disagreement in the Armenian opposition camp. There are
no fundamental disagreements on important issues between the National
Unity Party [NUP] and the Justice bloc, Koryun Arakelyan, deputy
chairman of the NUP, told an Arminfo correspondent while commenting on
some media reports.

The political forces within the united Armenian opposition can have
different views on the tactics of their further actions, which is an
absolutely normal phenomenon, he said. “The development of the
situation will bring answers to the questions that have been raised,”
Arakelyan said.

“Constant attempts have lately been made to cause discord in the ranks
of the Armenian opposition. We understand very well who is doing this
and why, however, there is no point in looking for something that does
not exist,” Ruzanna Khachatryan, press secretary of the Justice bloc,
told Arminfo.

The existence of several different approaches to some tactical issues
cannot be a reason for disagreements between the Justice bloc and the
NUP, she said.

[Passage omitted: reiterating the same views]