Soundtrack Has Developed In Iran: Musician

Soundtrack Has Developed In Iran: Musician

15 July 2004
Tehran Times Art Desk

TEHRAN (MNA) — Prominent musician Loris Tjeknavorian is convinced
that soundtrack in Iran has been developed in recent years.

Participant at the Christian Film Week underway at Film Museum of Iran
in Tehran, Tjeknavorian said there was less facilities in the past to
combine cinema with music and that the musicians could not make use of
many musical instruments.

`Iranian and eastern music enjoy high potentials which I love the
most,’ he further noted. Tjeknavorian who is an Iranian-Armenian
musician continued that Iranian people had served Armenians, `I made
the symphony `Rustam and Sohrab’ to appreciate the Iranian nation.’

Other participant Shahin Farhat also stated that in the 50th decade
soundtrack was melody rather than soundtrack, but later in the 60th,
it turned into professional soundtrack in Iran, and `Struggle in
Moonlightâ=80=9D was the first Iranian film made with professional

Musician Farhat is convinced that Majid Vafadar and Mahdi Khaledi are
the first musicians who played a major role in Iranian soundtrack.

Christian Film Week entitled `Christians in Iranian Cinema’opened
Saturday evening at the Film Museum of Iran in Tehran. Intent on
commemorating Christian contribution to Iranian cinema, organizers
have allocated nights to Christians working in the fields of music,
Iranian arts as well as those who are engaged in short film cinema and
performance during the week-long event.