Kanayq Hayots Women’s Resource Center Celebrates First Anniversary

Press Release
Kanayq Hayots Women’s Resource Center
Contact person: Lara Aharonian
Tel: 09-48-63-30
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Kanayq Hayots Women’s Resource Center Celebrates First Anniversary

Kanayq Hayots Women’s Resource Center, based on the campus of Yerevan
State University, in Armenia, is celebrating the Center’s first
anniversary of operation with the unveiling of its E-Center website,
which was enabled by a grant from the World Learning Armenian NGO
Strengthening Program. As a part of the Kanayq Hayots collective’s
vision, this bilingual E-Center will first of all act as a safe zone
for Armenian women who are interested in learning about their own
history and heritage, promote women’s activism and participate in the
democratic and social development within our society. The website will
host and periodically post updates on events concerning women’s issues
taking place at the Kanayq Hayots Center and Yerevan State University.

The model is based on the democratic participatory structure of
women’s centers in Quebec, Canada, which is run and governed only by
and for women. The free walk-in premises are open to women from all
communities, offering educational and other support services.

The E-Center focuses on scholarship as a prime promoter of the social
standing of women in Armenia, where significant numbers of women are
among the poorest layers of society, and are grossly underrepresented
within the government. Kanayq Hayots provides an on-campus academic
resource center geared toward supplying the necessary tools to empower
women, and raise awareness of gender inequalities and discrimination
within the University, as well as other communities. Our objective is
to eradicate discrimination against women based on their sex, age,
race, class, religion, ethnicity, physical or mental disability,
sexual orientation or marital status, and foster solidarity among
women. The Center’s location within the academic setting sustains, but
does not limit, our commitment to the female student population on the
campus of YSU.