When Will Hovhannes Varyan Be Punished?

A1 Plus | 17:09:23 | 29-06-2004 | Social |


Wasn’t it possible to distinguish journalists from protestors?

“On June 10, 2004, the First Instance Court of Kentron and Norq-Marash
Communes sentenced 2 persons having committed violence to journalists during
April 5 rally to fine of 100.000 drams each. The trial turned into a farce.
We can’t call it otherwise since the preliminary investigation, the legal
proceedings, and the court verdict cause perplexity and discontent”, Yerevan
Press Club, Journalists’ Union of Armenia, “Internews” social organization
and Committee for Protection of Speech Freedom have made the statement.

According to the authors, they expected for disclosures and trials but
nothing was done to unmask the other masterminds of violence.

“Until now no steps were taken towards the policemen who did nothing against
the men beating journalists and breaking the cameras on April 5. The
policemen who beat journalists at April 13 night on Baghramyan Avenue weren’
t disclosed and punished, either. Even their actions weren’t criticized.
Instead the highest circles of Authorities announced it’s impossible to
distinguish journalists from protestors”, the statement says.

The organizations call upon Media and journalists to be more combined and
consistent when the matter is on professional solidarity, when the right to
freely gather and divulge information is violated.