Tehran: Islam, Christianity Have Common View on Martyrdom: ArchB.

Tehran Times, Iran
June 30 2004

Islam, Christianity Have Common View on Martyrdom: Archbishop

Tehran Times Social Desk
TEHRAN (MNA) — Sebu Sarkissian, Armenian prelacy archbishop in
Tehran said on Friday that according to Christianity, martyrs and
martyrdom are to be defined based on the Bible; they are here to be
witnesses for God.

Speaking at the first commemorative ceremony of Armenian ground
forces martyrs, Sebu Sarkissian stated that the martyr is also a
witness for his country and is devoted for the sake of it, adding
such a person will reach eternity.

The archbishop offered as evidence the Apostles and the Fathers of
churches who preached their faith.

Islam and Christianity have the same view on martyrdom, believing
faith and homeland are the most sacred objects, Sarkissian told the
Mehr News Agency, stressing that martyrdom is working and dedicating
oneself to these high objectives.

He went on to say that in Iran, religious minorities are free to
observe their religious ceremonies and live without any conflict with
Iranian clerics, adding this is always the first question asked by
foreign reporters who come to Iran.

`Iranians and Armenians live together, having the same objectives and
problems. We try hard to solve the problems of the country’,
Sarkissian said in conclusion.

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