PM’s address on the occasion of 10th ann. of military institute

June 28 2004


YEREVAN, JUNE 28, ARMENPRESS: On June 27 a ceremony, dedicated to
awarding military ranks and certificates to graduates of the Military
Institute after Vazgen Sarkisian and the 10-th anniversary of the
establishment of the institute was held at Republican Square in
Yerevan. The government press service said prime minister Andranik
Margarian sent a special message on this occasion, which
particulalry, said:
“Dear officers, gentlemen, dear graduates of the Military
Institutes and cadets. I congratulate you all on the occasion of the
10-th anniversary of the Military Institute. Established in an
arduous time for our newly independent state, the first military
academy of the defense ministry succeeded in a very short time not
only in filling the lack of necessary experience and skills, but has
won also a good name, performing with honor its mission of
supplementing the national army with skilled and career officers,
armed with rich knowledge and professional skills in the subsequent
years. The number of its graduates, more than 1,500 who all have
supplemented the army is very impressive.
The contribution of career and seasoned officers of the older
generation to the achievements of the Institute during the ten years
of its existence is great. It were their efforts that in cooperation
with devoted fighters-the squads of the Yerkrapah Union- that formed
the armed forces of Armenia.
Devoted to the hard, but also nation-committed work of building
the army, led by military commander Vazgen Sarkisian, they dreamed
about constant improvement of the armed forces, formation of highly
professional officers. Today with ten years behind, the leadership,
senior officers and professors of the main national military
institute can be proud of having created solid foundations for
carrying out this goal, of having created a military academy that
meets all international standards.
We realize well that the problems and concerns of the army, its
structures, as well as those of the Institute are not solely the
problems and concerns of the armed forces. The government did
everything in its power in the passed years to support the
establishment and strengthening of the armed forces. I am confident
that we shall be able to further strengthen the defense of our
country step by step through our joint efforts in order to ensure the
state’s and the people’s security.
Taking the advantage I wish also to congratulate around 300
graduates of this year, who will soon be dispatched to army units. I
congratulated also senior officers of the Institute, professors, who,
having imparted their knowledge and experience to the cadets in the
course of tuition, have the right to anticipate brilliant results in
the near future.
Once again I congratulate you all on the occasion of the 10-th
anniversary of the establishment of the Military Institute, I wish
you all good health and good service for the sake of strengthening of
our national army, for the sake of our state’s and people’s