New Organization


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
June 6 2004

On June 10 the founding meeting of the NKR public organization of
refugees took place with the participation of the undertaking group
and refugees from different regions of the republic. The head of
the department of migration and refugees under the NKR government
Serge Amirkhanian addressed the guests. One of the aims of the
organization is raising the problems of the refugees living in NKR
at the NKR state bodies and international organizations, as well as
social and economic assistance to the refugees and defence of their
legal interests. The main aim set by the organization is to pursue
the question of compensation for the possessions left by these people
forced out from Azerbaijan in 1988-1992. Besides, the organization
intends directing its activity at the assistance to the development of
the native region, the process of its integration and unification with
the motherland. The administration of the newly founded organization
addressed the heads of regional administrations with the request to
assist to the activity of the organization. The founding meeting
chose the members of administration: Sanasar Saroyan (chairman),
Aida Avanessian (secretary) and Vladimir Sarghissian (cashier). The
discussion of the regulations of the organizations is continuing.