Athens: Armenian delegation visited the parliament president


Macedonian Press Agency
June 5 2004

The excellent friendly relations between Greece and Armenia as well
as the cooperation between the Greek Parliament and the Armenian
community living in Greece was confirmed by Greek Parliament President
Mrs. Anna Psarouda-Benaki and the National Council of Greek Armenians
delegation. The delegation visited Mrs. Psarouda-Benaki together with
the Metropolite of the Orthodox Armenians in Greece.

The Greek Parliament President stressed that the Armenians living in
Greece constitute a dynamic and active community that contributes
greatly and creatively to the Greek society. She also referred to
the Greek-Armenian Friendship Group formed in Parliam ent to be
activated shortly.

The President of the National Council of Greek Armenians expressed
feelings of gratitude to the Greek Parliament for the recognition
of the Armenian Genocide and expressed the Armenian community’s wish
for a visit to Armenia by the Greek Parliament Presi dent.