‘Armenian criteria’ from France

“‘Armenian criteria’ from France”

Cyprus Press & Information Office – Turkish Cypriot press review
June 4 2004

Under the above title Turkish daily MILLIYET newspaper (04.06.04)
reports that François Hollande, chairman of the French Socialist Party,
has said that the European Union should give Turkey a date for the
beginning of its accession negotiations, only in case it officially
recognizes the Armenian genocide.

Mr Hollande met yesterday at his party headquarters with the chairman
of the Armenian Tasnak Party, Murat Papazyan. The two leaders noted
that Turkey in addition to the Copenhagen Criteria must apply the 18
June 1987 decision of the European Parliament before getting a date.
They reminded that the above-mentioned decision provided for Turkey
to officially recognize the Armenian genocide, withdraw its occupation
troops from Cyprus and respect the human rights of the minorities.