“Northern Avenue” Residents Protesting


A1 Plus | 15:58:04 | 03-06-2004 | Social |

Under the decisions made by Government, the process of destroying the
erections in Northern Avenue territory and paying indemnity for real
estate and ground areas of the residents has started.

Dwellers of Northern Avenue assembled in Journalists’ House to express
their protest. Their statement says a citizen is given $10.000 and
another one receives $80.000 for the same dwelling space.

According to the inhabitants, “Artin” LTD assessed the houses without
presence of dwellers. “Majority of compensations hasn’t yet been
given to residents who are unable to purchase new flats”.

Journalists were informed that “Northern Avenue” social organization
had been established to support the rights of citizens.

“We have decided to fight in legal or political ways, through
rallies. We will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights”,
Vachagan Hakobyan, Chair of “Northern Avenue” says.

Avetiq Ishkhanyan, Chair of Armenia’s Helsinki Committee, informed
they would support the newly-set up organization in any case.

Dwellers say Yerevan Architect-in-Chief Narek Sargssyan doesn’t reckon
with the standpoint of residents and does anything he wishes.