Armenia, Russia to boost relations in all spheres

Armenia, Russia to boost relations in all spheres

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
2 Jun 04

[Presenter] The fate of five Armenian enterprises handed over to
Russia under the property-for-debt agreement was the key issue
which was discussed on Wednesday [2 June] during a sitting of
the Armenian-Russian interparliamentary commission in Yerevan. The
members of the commission stressed the importance of developing these
enterprises. The main obstacle to the development of Armenian-Russian
economic relations – transport communications – was also the key issue
of the Yerevan meeting. The Armenian and Russian parliamentarians
suggested that the Armenian, Russian and Georgian leaders sign a
trilateral agreement and create a transport corridor.

[Correspondent over video of the meeting] The seventh session of
the Armenian-Russian interparliamentary commission discussed mainly
economic issues. We have trade relations, the commodity turnover
increased by 30 per cent last year. According to the assessments of
the commission’s co-chairmen, there are various issues of cooperation
in the regional small and medium-sized business sphere.

[Russian co-chairman of the commission Nikolay Ryzhkov, speaking in
Russian with Armenian voice-over] Yes, there are problems, first of
all there are discrepancies in legislation. The enterprises have been
handed over to the Russian side, but Armenian laws are valid there,
which is creating problems. There are also technical problems.

[National Assembly deputy chairman Vaan Ovanesyan] Transport
communications in our relations are not at a good level. Russia
has made serious investments in Armenia, especially in the aviation
sphere. At the same time, they do not ensure a qualitative improvement,
and I think that there is a lot to do for cooperation.

[Correspondent] Transport issues were also discussed separately
during the session. According to the sides’ assessments, the main
obstacle in this field is the closure of the Abkhaz railway section
which connects the two countries.

[Vaan Ovanesyan] It is known that Azerbaijan is pursuing a policy of
hindering Armenia’s participation in all the transport and economic
programmes of regional importance. But our partners have no such
problems. Armenia will finally join the programme on establishing
the Russian-Azerbaijani-Iran transit communications line, which was
first designed as a Russia-Armenia-Iran one.

[Correspondent] The agreement adopted at the end of the Yerevan
session of the interparliamentary commission envisages setting up
five working groups which will be engaged in economic, political,
educational-cultural international parliamentary organizations and
deal with interregional cooperation issues. They also suggested that
the Armenian, Russian and Georgian governments sign a trilateral
agreement on establishing a transport corridor. In order to develop
Armenian-Russian cooperation, the session also approved the decision
to set up an Armenian-Russian Business Cooperation Association. The
member of the Armenian National Assembly, Volodya Badalyan, was
elected chairman of the Armenian-Russian cooperation association.

The Armenian-Russian cooperation association will hold a session in
Moscow on 29 June.

Nune Aleksanyan and Susan Badalyan for “Aylur”.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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