Kocharian believes there is no political crisis in the country


RIA Novosti, Russia
June 2 2004

YEREVAN, June 2 (RIA Novosti). There is no political crisis in the
country as government bodies are duly performing their functions,
Armenian President Robert Kocharyan said at a news conference in
Gyumri, the former Leninakan.

“There is a conflict between the government and the opposition
and the latter has refrained from a civilized form of fight,” the
president said.

According to the Armenian head of state, if the Armenian parliament
were unable to make decisions “there would be a crisis indeed a way
out of which is fixed in the country’s Constitution.”

“Such a situation is not available. There is a clash between the
opposition and the government indeed – but is any other country devoid
of it? The question is whether conflicts take a civilized shape. And
since the performance of the parliament and the government is quite
productive – the budget is being executed, debts haven’t grown and
the country is reporting a steady economic growth this means that the
opposition may or may not return to the parliament, yet life will go
on,” Kocharyan stated.

Commenting on opposition rallies, the president labelled them as
“Brazilian series”. “They are so much alike that the events could
well be canned,” he said.

The opposition has been staging unauthorised protests gathering
thousands of people in Yerevan to demand that the Armenian president
resign since April 9.