Plastic Bottle Imprisoned For 1,6 Years


A1 Plus | 20:06:47 | 26-05-2004 | Social |

The First Instance Court of Center and Nork-Marash Communes brought
in a verdict to sentence Edgar Araqelyan, who hit a plastic bottle
on the head of a policeman during April 12 rally, to 1,6 year-long

During the trial Edgar’s Advocate Tadevos Alexanyan made a
speech. According to him, the preliminary investigation group intended
to aggravate purposely the accusation whereas Edgar’s behavior could
be labeled nothing more than hooliganism. “The defendant resorted to
this after policemen had done violence to people”.

Mr. Alexanyan assures before hitting a policeman, Edgar was brutally
beaten by policemen. Then he had informed General Office of Prosecutor
in written about it but didn’t get answer.

“Preliminary investigation bodies try to prove that Edgar was present
to stir up anti-constitutional actions. But he was there as fate

At the end the defendant was granted the right of final plea. “I
regret what I have done and ask to commute”, he said.

Judge asked whether Edgar would again hit if the bottle were glassy. “I
saw the bottle wasn’t glassy and was sure the hit wouldn’t threaten
life of the policeman”, Edgar said.

Those present for the trial were sure the verdict was a political