Current Authorities Should Learn Lessons From Past


A1 Plus | 14:53:17 | 27-05-2004 | Politics |

On Thursday, Christian-Democratic Union leader Khosrov Harutyunyan,
speaking at a The First Republic Lessons discussion held in National
Press Club said, in his opinion, either in 1918 or in 1990 Armenian
people had psychologically been unready for independence.

Had people trusted their leaders they would be ready for independence,
Harutyunyan said. In his words, lack of confidence is visible now just
as it was in 1918: Armenians are badly in need of just and healthy
environment for living.

“We have inherited one harmful phenomenon from 1918: we rely on other
nations. It has destructive impact on internal political situation”,
Harutyunyan said. “Our authorities are seeking bosses instead of
partners”, he added.

Chair of Armenian Arians Union Armen Avetissyan, expressing his
opinion, said a single-party system brought the First Armenian Republic
to regress. Today, despite multi-party system, a dictatorship is in
fact created in the republic.