Movements of anti-aircraft systems controlled in CIS – Ivanov

Movements of anti-aircraft systems controlled in CIS – Ivanov
By Alexander Konovalov, Tigran Liloyan

ITAR-TASS News Agency
May 21, 2004 Friday

YEREVAN, May 21 — The CIS Council of Defence Ministers has not
discussed the control of movements of portable anti-aircraft systems
at its meeting in the Armenian capital Yerevan on Friday, Russian
Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov told reporters.

He explained that CIS presidents had made decisions on this matter
at their meeting in Yalta last autumn.

“We fulfil them,” he said.

“In accordance with these decisions, national authorised bodies for
exchange of information on the movement of the systems have been set
up or are to be set up in the CIS countries, except for Turkmenistan.”

“The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation reporting
to the Defence Ministry has been formed in Russia to be in charge of
this question,” Ivanov said.

He said large-scale military exercises of CIS states would be conducted
in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in early August.

Russia will send to the exercises military transport, combat and
naval aviation, and permanent readiness troops.

Besides, exercises called West-Antiterror will be held in Moldova
at the end of June, engaging antiterrorist structures of Russia,
Ukraine Belarus, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.