Preventive Arrests


A1 Plus | 17:40:25 | 20-05-2004 | Politics |

This morning preventive arrests have been made in Armenia. Under
the information we possess Opposition activists were arrested in
Artashat, Charentcavan and other cities. Some of them were “judged”
at the scene and isolated for 10 days. Members of “Republic” and
People’s Party of Armenia are mainly arrested.

For the time being 15 people are in detention. Many are pursued. In
particular PPA member, Artashat regional head of PPA Aramayis
Barseghyan has been kept an eye on for 2 days. Policemen in civil
clothes were ambushing near his house to kidnap him after he comes
out. But Barseghyan managed to elude and to get the Party Office
in Yerevan.

PPA member Smbat Eghiazaryan, “Republic” Party Secretary Artak
Hakobyan, “Republic” Party member and Echmiadzin regional head of
“Republic” Sayad Tumanyan and many other men whose names are made
more accurate are in the same state.